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Performing an HTTP GET should have no lasting effect on your application.The proper HTTP operation to perform, when deleting a record, is an HTTP DELETE.For example, the request /Home/Delete/23 should delete database record 23, and no other database record, regardless of how many times the request is made.So, the proper thing to do when deleting a database record is to perform an HTTP DELETE operation.· PUT – Posts new information or updates existing information (idempotent). · TRACE – Performs a message loop back (idempotent). These operations are defined as part of the HTTP 1.1 standard which you can read about at

An idempotent operation is an operation that has the same outcome no matter how many times that it is performed.

While the application was being code reviewed by the ASP. In theory, someone could send an email to you that contains an image.

This change in behavior was made to prevent these types of HTTP GET security attacks.

There is one other reason that you should not use a link to perform deletes in an application.

REST purists would defend the idea that GET requests should not change the state of your application.

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