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“It was a splendid rock building just two blocks over from Subby Valenti’s Tattoo Parlor on Towson Avenue.” That rock building housed the Fort Smith Boys Club, complete with an indoor swimming pool and a full-sized hardwood floor gymnasium.Hig, as Billy’s dad was called, had previously worked in Pine Bluff as a teacher and coach with a part-time job as supervisor of Taylor Field.“Mostly Babe Ruth league games and tournaments but a few college games and one Arkansas High School All Star game at Baum Stadium.” Billy’s smile turns to laughter.“The call to the majors never came.” Billy also volunteered to help Bill Crowder, coach at Westark College in the 1990s.A District is defined by Merriam Webster as an area, region, or section with a distinguishing character.

The “Barling Darling” Hal Smith was working there for the winter, and Harry Caray greeted him warmly.

With lights, baseball teams could compete well into the night.

“By the time I was old enough to mow the grass at Hunt’s Park, I was also picking up the trash, and playing baseball there every day.

“They taught me a little more about the game every day I was around them.” Billy, who is now in his early seventies, parlayed his other love, reading, into becoming a history professor and an author.

His book about Hal Smith, The Barling Darling, was published in 2009 by the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies.

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From the Edison bulb ceiling to the stained glass window & the mansion-salvaged towers behind the bar, there is one thing this decor is not, boring!

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