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What’s more, at the centre of the square, archaeologists, re-analysing pre-war archaeological records, have discovered the remains of a substantial Neolithic timber building – constructed in mid-fourth millennium BC style.That would make the ten metre long, six metre wide building the oldest feature yet found at Avebury.Emma Watson looked super chic at the premiere of her latest movie The Circle in NYC on Wednesday, wearing an organic silk Burberry gown teamed with a burgundy clutch and black heeled sandals.The Bardot trend has been big for a couple of seasons now and is showing no sign of going anywhere, so if you haven't already tried it out now is most definitely the time.She plays a young tech worker who finds herself in a perilous situation.

Her blonde bob was in loose beach waves, with tousled pieces framing her pretty face.Karen Gillan, 29, flashed her toned midriff in a striking black and red outfit.The former Doctor Who star flaunted her slim figure in the two-piece culotte number, which had a bright red folded bow across her top.Starring Mr Robot's Rami Malek, the film follows a rugged mountain man who spends his winter squatting in empty vacations homes.The LA native was handsome as ever at the premiere, wearing a black suit with nifty stripes down the sleeves which he paired with a dark button up.

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The 60-year-old Forrest Gump actor plays the head and co-founder of The Circle - a powerful Internet corporation.

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  3. (I think I might have spotted someone with his kind of hairdo at their table! Just because there are no pictures of it on JW's site doesn't mean things aren't happening! tal, that is true..i mean come on...a woman would not spend this much time with one guy unless she is dating him or touring him, and alison isnt touring with john right now..her busy schedule she just wouldn't go way out of her way to tobe with someone unless she really cared about them...true, it is sure is pointing toward them being a couple. "He's riding in the car with me and I couldn't believe it. " -Alison Krauss on Butch (the bartender)"My Gogey has a first name, it's g-o-g-e-y, my Gogey called me a name it was f-a-t-t-y."- Wichita Rutherford Amazing! Personally I have no doubt they are in a relationship! I was referring to the statement of someone talking about how "they met up after the Mercury"!