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I’ve seen some nude photos, but I’m no stranger to that, and I’ve seen scammers.The worst thing I’ve seen is people asking for money and it looks like it’s bullsh-t.He responded with a terse “You’re pretty ugly yourself.” One of your fellow moderators weighed in with, “Not ban worthy, but he’s clearly a jerk.” It’s remarkable that people have access to private messages, in some cases, and get to weigh in on them. It is interesting that this person flagged a private message on a dating site and now it’s up for scrutiny by anonymous people who have apparently been chosen as moderators for no reason at all that I can find.What have you learned about people since being a moderator on Ok Cupid?

In the course of your work in the abuse department you said you had to deal with everyone from spammers to child pornography purveyors.From the title alone, it should be obvious that this is more risqué than your typical dating show.Bodies are seen nude from the rear, though from the front private parts are blurred.So someone flagged the picture because it doesn’t show her face. For the same reason that they vote for asshole politicians and 'cause all the other problems they cause in the world: because they’re assholes. I look at this stuff, I look at politics and I think people are idiots and there’s just no hope for them.I haven’t done a lot with it because most of the complaints, like this one, are total crap. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen during your time as a moderator?

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What did you have to do to become qualified to be a moderator? I’m not a very active user of the website and all of a sudden they notified me that I had been made a moderator. You mentioned that one of the things flagged was a series of private messages between two users.

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