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On the 160-year anniversary of the decision in March, Taney's relatives met with the the family of Dred Scott to formally apologize for the ruling.In a letter to the governor, Maryland Senate President Thomas V.It is the second statue of Taney to be removed in Maryland under cover of darkness this week.On Tuesday, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh ordered four statues removed overnight, including one of Taney.First, drivers have to tackle a disconcerting comes a dogleg curve, then travel up a steep incline over the initial suspension span; then the bridge drops and the motorist drives downhill and over a second span, a cantilever with boxy sides and a roof that feels like a claustrophobic tunnel.But he also described construction workers who rode in the back seat of their trucks, hats pulled over their eyes and their ears plugged, and a woman who rode with a blanket over her head because she was so scared. Route 50, it connects the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area with Ocean City, Maryland and other coastal tourist destinations.

The bridge, which when it first opened in 1952 was the longest continuous over-water steel structure, has been rated by Travel & Leisure Magazine as the ninth scariest bridge in the world for the panic it instills in Maryland residents.

In the morning, city residents awoke to empty marble plinths.

Pugh made the decision Tuesday morning to remove the monuments that night in order to avoid attention.'It was important that we move quickly and quietly,' Pugh said, 'and that's what we did.'Elliott Cummings, a member of the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans, denounced Pugh's 'barbarism and Taliban-esque actions' in tearing down the statues.

As of 2016, the population of the Baltimore metropolitan area was estimated to be just under 2.8 million, making it the 21st largest metropolitan area in the country.

After a decline in major manufacturing, industrialization, and rail transportation, Baltimore shifted to a service-oriented economy, with Johns Hopkins Hospital (founded 1889) and Johns Hopkins University (founded 1876), now the city's top two employers.

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