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I have never met a basketball coach, at any level, who does it solely for the money.They coach because they love basketball and enjoy working with young people.I think a coach’s primary job description should be to be an exemplary role model and provide an atmosphere for the student athlete to take full advantage of their basketball potential. How well do you know your players’ families or girlfriends?

If you currently have a great relationship with your coach, congratulations!

Do you show your coach the same respect you show your parents or the principal of your school? If you are currently a basketball player, at any level, and feel there is some strain in your relationship with your head coach, I challenge you to take the first step in mending things.

Do you listen with your eyes and your ears when the coach is speaking at practice or team meetings? Do you know much about your coach outside of basketball? Trust me; it will go a long way and ultimately, will help you in the end.

I am very appreciative of how many former clients, players and coaches reciprocate and check in with me to do the same. Player to Coach Relationship How many times have you heard a player use their coach as a scapegoat for why they aren’t successful?

“I would play more, but the coach doesn’t like me” or “My coach is an idiot.

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