Mandating school uniforms is a economic burden to parents

THE PHILIPPINE CHAMBER of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) has identified issues encompassing a number of sectors including agriculture, energy and power that it wants the government to resolve through a list of initiatives that range from investment promotion to the passage of key legislative measures.The 10 resolutions were set for approval during last day […] The post Main business chamber identifies issues holding back progress appeared first on Business World......»» Nine Malaysians who were prevented from leaving North Korea have arrived home, after the two countries struck a deal to end a diplomatic row.The quarrel, over last month's killing of Kim Jong-nam in Kuala Lumpur, had resulted in both countries banning each other's citizens from leaving.Malaysia has also allowed North Koreans to leave and released Mr Kim's body.But he added they were &'8220;not particularly harassed&'8221; by North Korean authorities.&'8220; We were given the assurance that life could go on as normal,&'8221; he said.The two men were previously reported to have holed up in the embassy and refused to take part in investigations.

But by permitting a letter from an as-yet unnamed family member in North Korea to be forwarded to Malaysia, authorising the body's release, there is at least tacit acknowledgement from Pyongyang that the body is indeed Kim Jong-nam &'' something the Malaysian authorities say they have already confirmed through DNA samples obtained from his relatives outside North Korea.

But with all the North Korean suspects in the attack now apparently out of Malaysia it is not clear how the investigation can move forward.

The two women, an Indonesian and a Vietnamese, who smeared the nerve agent on Kim Jong-nam's face are in custody facing murder charges, but we do not know how [&'].....»» The local stock barometer surged to a new record finish past 8,500 yesterday as investors took their cue from upbeat sentiment in Wall Street.

They were flown home in a business jet plane piloted by members of the Malaysian air force.

Following Mr Kim's killing on 13 February, North Korean officials demanded that the body be handed to them immediately without an autopsy.

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Dealing with a regime that, in Malaysia's view, was holding its citizens hostage and had carried out a lethal chemical weapons attack inside its main international gateway was a delicate task.

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