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The new building was rebuilt on Hakenova street, in the same time one home near Kyjov was disestablished, some of children and property were transfered to Znojmo.

Different principles of work in both Homes have been slowlly joined to the best of everybody.

Playwright Valentin Krasnogorov, vice-mayor of Haifa has written a paradoxical and provocative parable about relationships between men and women.

Behind the flamboyant title and ironical dialogs of characters hides great anguish that people are doomed to when love leaves and only sex stays in their life.

There is the emphasis put on the independence which is the base for the moment when child leaves the Home. Vojtkov, that supplies our Home with tickets to various performances in cultural and social sphere.

Adults should be a good example of their behaviour.

They attend various primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the town.

There are four family groups on Hakenova street (together 32 children and youngs).

The family teaches the children to be completely independent.

All children will be able to leave the Home and have full-value life.

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