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It’s like watching Donald Trump repeatedly kick himself in the face, and blaming it on Mexico. ‘Sadly, this review has to be a negative because even as an experienced punter that knows how to extract services, I found myself working far too hard with her.

I left the place feeling abit down & thinking ‘why do I even bother to fuck these whores?

Hate to break it to you chaps but as long as you keep paying, you’re providing a market for this kind of thing.

They have advice on all kinds of fraud related crimes and an online form where you can submit your experience.

Unfortunately it’s just human nature that we’re more likely to report a negative experience than a positive one, which is exceptionally awkward when the thing you’re reviewing is sex. I’ve collected my top ten of the latest doozies because I believe – much like reviews for anything else in life – they often say a lot more about the writer than the subject. I only took my shoes off and was contemplating leaving, then fate struck.

) just to make sure they can get as many services crammed into an hour as they possibly can.

I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for them, especially the ones who are prolific reviewers and make it into a hobby.

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