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In 1985 a survey of over 6,000 students on 32 college campuses was conducted by Ms. Koss, and the National Institute for Mental Health.According to this nationwide survey: According to these statistics, date and acquaintance rape is more common than: -Alcoholism -Heart Attacks -Left-handedness Thus, there is a high probability that YOU will, in some way, be affected by issues of RAPE before you leave college.Rape victims rarely report: Without reporting, many sexual assault victims will not receive the assistance they need, assailants will not be brought to justice, and the number of campus rapes will continue to escalate. College students are more vulnerable to rape than any other age group.The developmental tasks associated with entering college tend to put college students at risk.

The wineries are the Stony Lonesome, the Passion Feet, and the Bagg Dare, while the brewery is called the War Horse.

Moving forward, we are ambitiously working to revitalize our historic neighborhoods and enhance the natural assets our community has.

We are beginning to capitalize on our world class Lake Ontario waterfront and take advantage of our prime location along the Oswego River. organized and appointed the City of Oswego Poverty Reduction Steering Committee to take charge in alleviating poverty through the establishment of a platform for developing innovative initiatives, solutions and programs to begin to shift the pendulum of a bottom heavy socioeconomic demographic to provide a higher quality of life in our community.

Generally speaking, rape is defined as forced sexual intercourse with any person without consent.

Force may involve physical violence, coercion, or threat of harm.

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