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At the time, Cannon sort of laughed off any concerns about delaying a release, including any flak from Uzi himself."Everybody wants to make comments," said Cannon. We're just doing what we're doing in helping him get through it."By the time June rolled around, fans were beginning to grow a bit restless over the non-release.Sensing their frustration, Uzi threw his fans a bone during a livestream of his own, this time taking to Instagram Live to show off what sounded like new in the works, there was still nothing concrete to show for it.He did not mince words about the project's readiness, telling viewers is not dropping no time soon," he said."It's not going to be a long time from now, but not within this month. It's a process."Over a month after the Cannon livestream, he and DJ Drama sat down for an interview with to discuss the ascending artist they had on their hands.A 74-year-old bicyclist was viciously beat with a small club by a man in a shocking road rage attack in Ontario.

His Twitter bio has proclaimed it was "coming soon" dating back months now, and he has routinely kept it at the forefront of his fans' minds, even pinning a tweet mentioning the project at the top of his July, not sitting on new music for too long. But Don Cannon squashed any hope of that during a livestream in April.The scrap was broken up by locals, who split the pair up and ordered them to get back in their cars and drive off.A Derbyshire police spokeswoman said the incident had not been reported to the force and the manager of the taxi firm has refused to comment.Cellphone footage recorded by witnesses at the scene shows a man in a red shirt (pictured) sitting on top of the victim and repeatedly hitting him with the club In the video, taken around 11am Tuesday, a man is seen striking the cyclist at least four times with the club in front of a Dodge Ram pickup truck.The woman, who recorded the video, quickly runs up to the two men calling the attacker 'disgusting'.

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