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Regular clientele The class got off to a rocky start.

One of the students became indignant, whispering in Arabic to his neighbor: “But having sex before marriage is a sin; it’s haram! Asked how to impress a German woman, one student suggested getting ripped at the gym.Jasmin Olbrich, having a quick lunch of French fries at a food truck outside the educational center, said she liked the Middle Eastern looks and complained that German men “drink too much beer, watch way too much soccer and are just so white!” But across Germany, hostility to asylum seekers has been on the rise since groups of foreigners – mostly young men from northern Africa – robbed and groped dozens of women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.Wenzel countered that most women don’t go for the body-builder type. Wenzel said that would attract women interested only in money.The students readily agreed, perhaps because most were thin and quite always from being able to afford a sports car.

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