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By finding ways to embed payment information within the mobile device itself instead of on plastic cards, they can bypass traditional payment networks entirely.

This may be a rough analogy, but it's equivalent to the difference between using Skype to make phone calls over the Internet or using a traditional phone provider and their legacy network to make that same call.

The digital wallet has always been the Holy Grail for mobile tech innovators – and it’s not surprising that the major credit card players are running scared.

After all, moving the payment experience to the mobile device is one of those "disruptive" moments that can shake up an entire industry overnight.

The natural evolution is toward a cardless society as well, where nobody carries around wallets anymore -- all the payment information is stored, safe and sound, on your mobile device.

So I applied to buy a mobile phone contract today and got rejected as I have no credit history.

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Google Wallet is the next step in weaning customers away from credit cards and teaching them new behaviors - such as storing all their payment card information and loyalty card information in one place -- on their mobile phone.Instead of deciding which credit card you are paying with at a store, you simply pay with Google Wallet.When you get to the checkout counter of a merchant that accepts Google Wallet, you'll now see the Google logo next to the logos of other payment providers.You even get to choose the devices and we are working hard so that you can download shows to your preferred device to watch later. But don't despair, we're working on bringing iflix to more countries soon. To sign-out, just navigate your way to the homepage, head to the menu bar on the top left. Installing Silverlight is necessary in order to run iflix on your web browser. There are two easy ways you can install Silverlight.Available TV shows and movies may vary by location and will change from time to time. Click on your profile name and you should see a logout option. First, you can visit the Silverlight website HERE and download the plugin.

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