Silverlight xap not updating

To do this, just follow the below mentioned steps: Generally this is one of the main reason and people face it due to this option is unchecked.

If the above two solutions fails, there could be an issue with your Visual Studio debugger.

across all supported browsers without requiring Windows Media Player, the Windows Media Player Active X control, or Windows Media browser plug-ins.It was speculated that Microsoft shipped a non-functional version of Silverlight with some versions of Windows Service Packs and prompted the user to install Silverlight for each version of Silverlight released.Over the course of about five years Microsoft released five versions with varying platform support: The first version was released in 2007; and the fifth (and final) major version on May 8, 2012.So in such case, just use the IE and that could help you.If you are facing the same issue in Internet Explorer and my friend @debug_mode is still searching the way to debug it , you should first check whether the Silverlight debugging is enabled for your Silverlight project.

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