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For better or worse, Ortiz's most famous UFC rivalry was not with a fighter, but his former manager turned UFC President, Dana White.

Their mutual contempt was an ongoing storyline throughout the majority of Ortiz's 15-year UFC tenure, a relationship so acrimonious that, at one point, it almost culminated in a televised boxing match.

Although his UFC relationship is over, Ortiz says there's still bitterness over how his historical contributions to the company are handled.

"I left UFC with a bad taste in my mouth, so I had to take a step away and focus on my family," he says.

Ortiz was suddenly TMZ fodder, dogged by accusations of drug use and domestic violence, threats of legal action, the leaking of private security footage, custody battles and more.

The mental and emotional toll of his life has added up quickly in recent years.But on Saturday, the first American superstar of the modern MMA era has a chance to once again hold a legitimate title, 18 years after his journey began.Ortiz turns 41 in January and his competitive lifespan is nearing its end.He says his late-career swoon was the result of a litany of injuries, and that he's fully recovered from surgeries to his back, neck and knee."Mentally I'm in the best place I've ever been; physically I feel great, and at the age of 40 I feel better than when I was 30," Ortiz says.

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