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Purdue now uses self-reported courses and grades for freshman applications – for admission, scholarship and Honors College decisions.We do not need transcripts when students apply, but for admitted students who accept their offer of admission, we will use final, official transcripts to confirm all grades before they enroll.The final transcript deadline for the fall term is Aug. We don’t expect many intentional misrepresentations of self-reported courses and grades.

The process to be considered for Purdue’s Honors College is changing this year.Even if a college’s deadline for application is before the finalization of grades for the first semester, colleges usually require a mid-year report for each student that includes their final grades for the first semester.If your grades drop significantly or you take a noticeably lighter course load, this can harm your chances of admission in a serious way.However, we do not require school reports, and your students’ applications will be complete and evaluated without them.All students who plan to enroll at Purdue are required to provide official, final transcripts prior to the start of their term.

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